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Acoustic Panel
Outdoor Frame
Small 40x60cm (+29,00 €)
Medium 80x120cm (+89,00 €)
Large 120x180cm (+149,00 €)
Yes, please (+4,00 €)
No, thank you (+0,00 €)
Small 80x120cm (+145,00 €)
Medium 100x150cm (+160,00 €)
Large 150x180cm (+175,00 €)
Extra Large 144x216cm (+200,00 €)
Medium 60x90cm (+110,00 €)
Large 80x120cm (+142,00 €)
Yes, please (+45,00 €)
No, thank you (+0,00 €)
Small 80x120cm (+269,00 €)
Medium 100x150cm (+369,00 €)
Large 120x180cm (+469,00 €)
Extra Large 125x220cm (+529,00 €)
Small 90x60cm (+69,00 €)
Medium 100x75cm (+109,00 €)
Large 100x150cm (+193,00 €)
Roller (+16,00 €)
Magic Glue (20m2) (+16,00 €)
Spatel (+8,00 €)
Knife (+8,00 €)
Ruler (+22,00 €)
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Materials explained

After browsing the SundayMoods website, going back and forward over potential images, over and over again. You found your match ❤ Congratulations! the hardest job is done.


Next are the final touches in the form of your preferred size and material. 


Regarding size it is going to be easy. You probably have an idea where you like the image to be. Measure the size on the wall that could fit. Rule of thumb are for an empty wall, the bigger the better and the stronger the image will be. For a full wall with furniture in front it comes down to personal taste. Go with your instinct and feeling that is usually the best. You could make a science out of it however it would probably lead you to your first initial thought. (We have all been there).


Materials are explained on the left, every option has it best placement for being outdoor in the open (outdoor frame), for an office where you like to lower the sound levels (acoustic panel) or if you like to immerse yourself with the image (wallpaper).


Have a look and I wish you fun selecting your optimal.


And when you have questions, just ask in the contact-form on the right. 

Poster is the ideal material to cover a large space fast and efficient. It is budget friendly and can quickly be (re-)moved to other locations if you so wish. When selecting you have to option to include Tesa Powerstrips to hang the poster without creating any holes to your wall.

Poster as a budget friendly option does not mean I have been cutting corners on the material itself. Agreed, it is not the cheapest on the internet you can find and for good reason. You may expect a Luxury High-End Quality finish that delivers the ‘Wow’ impact.

The background is that after hundreds of orders and samples over 10+ years my absolute winner is the FUJIFILM Crystal Archive DP II Professional. 

This material is a little heavier as the usual standard posters, weighing in a 250 g/m² giving you that extra sturdy feeling to touch. The colors are vibrant and yet not over-extreme to keep a natural balance and realistic scene. A final glossy shine surface is topping it off giving it the noble finish.

A winner if you are looking for:

– Fast,

– Lightweight,

– Budget friendly bang for the buck


Fabric is the go-to choice when you like to go big, Bigger, BIGGEST! and still keep the flexibility to change the images over time.


The answer is the perfect fitting designed Q-Frame®


This frame is a one time purchase, once bought you can simply order the front textile print separately or order a second print directly with your first order giving you flexibility to adapt the image any time you like.


The Q-Frame®  makes it very interesting to locations where demands for images regularly change like seasonal, menu or audience specific for hotels, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms for doctors, dentists etc.


The images are printed on high quality semi-gloss fabric giving it a nice detailed and color rich impression.


Benefits are:


– It is washing machine safe, being on a low temperature setting

– Polyester Multisol® X SE, ca. 200 g/m2 = difficult to catch fire according to B1/DIN 4102 standards

– Allowing simple and quick changing of the printed art

– Vivid and lively colors with very good light reflection

– Secure fastening of the pressure parts using flat piping

– Lightweight to hang on the wall



Second big plus why I love to work with fabric over other materials is the flexibility of the packaging. I worked a lot with AluDibond and other exotic metal materials and from my experience sending these over and saving these in the art depot is an absolute nightmare. The AluDibond is heavy, none flexible and extremely sensitive to any so small touch or bump. In comparison the textile solution is ‘lovely’ lightweight in comparison to it’s size and can be ordered in amazing formats from 30x45cm up-to a whopping 144cm x 216cm !

That is crazy large territory. 


Frame information:


– Light weight, 100% Anodized Silver Aluminium.

– Frameless look

– Frame depth: 15mm




In the package, complete 


Personally I hate half completed work. To live this philosophy in my art, rest assured, you will find everything for an easy and fast assembly. If you selected the option including a frame you receive:

Your selected art printed on fabric + frame profiles + corner connector set + wall hooks otherwise if you select without you will receive the printed art on fabric.


Assembly works by placing the frame pieces next to each other. Placing the corner connectors and tie these with an hex key / allen key. Press in the fabric piping and you are done!


Canvas is classic, timeless choice and fits with any interior. 


Exclusive look in gallery quality. The photo canvas with a natural, fine canvas structure impresses with a noble and at the same time stylish look in gallery quality. The highest resolution and maximum quality ensure impressive color brilliance and razor-sharp motifs.


The printed fabric is carefully stretched by hand on a stable real wood frame and fixed on the back. Your canvas can be hung up immediately without a separate frame. You only need two screws or nails in the wall on which you can hang the wooden frame directly.


– Natural-colored, fine canvas fabric (260 g / m²)
– High-end latex printing with a resolution of 300 dpi
– High color brilliance & maximum sharpness
– Stable real wood stretcher frame (2 cm)


Now we are talking, talking new territory it is. Acoustic Panel is the go-to option for the home-offices, large offices, meeting rooms, doctors rooms and all other locations where the sound level can just be dimmed down for a bit to improve concentration or communication.


This is art 2.0 where the 1.0 is in the hidden functionality. The panels are build in 4 different layers. The top-layer contains the visual print in sharp detail. Due to it’s special adhesive technique the structure remains open for sound to travel through. This improves absorption of mid-tones. The final layer is the thick acoustic dampening material helping to basically catch and hold the vibrations of the sound.


Taking this one step further, where other vendors deliver these panels based on a plastic type of fibre to absorb sounds. In principle this is working well however this is still being plastic around you. By not being a fan of plastic the SundayMoods panels are made out of 90% cotton fibre meaning, made of old jeans. These long fibres help to absorb the sound, lower echoing in the room and filter background noise.


The rule for sizing on sound dampening materials is the bigger the better as it can absorb more sound as a whole.



The outdoor frame is your choice for the garden being well suited against rain, sun, snow and all other elements of nature.


It is a canvas style printed on a wooden frame.


– Canvas and wood qualified for outdoor use

– Strong type of banner material

– Impregnated wood for outdoor durability

– 18mm thick frame

– Including wall mount hooks

– PEFC-qualified wood

– Available in large formats 150x100cm!


Immerse yourself with the image!


Wallpaper is the pure choice for the art lovers that want that punch and ‘WOW’ effect. 


The maximum height is 305 cm and the with can be up to 20 meters ! depending on the selected image a crop will be made to fit the image best. 


How to measure?


Measure the wall you like use 3 times in with and 3 times in height. This means for the height, measure on the left, on the right and in the center. Select the highest number of the three. Add +5 cm to this height just to make sure your wallpaper will fits nicely and there is still room to fit it perfectly. Do the same for the width, one time on the bottom of the wall, middle of the wall and one time on the ceiling.

The reason for measuring this way is that not all walls are 100% square. Even in new houses there could be a ever so slight difference.


Optionally you can order all the tools required to get starting right away.

Luxury Placemat are a great gift item.


The placemats have a cork base underlayer. The corners are rounded and the thickness make them easy to move with stuff on top.


– Made of hardboard and a cork underlayer

– Large format 30x40cm

– Extra thick: 5mm!

– Easy to clean

– Steady, can be moved with materials placed on top


Ask ...

Photographer & Artist

That’s is me in a nutshell, Pascal 😉, with a passion for photography and travelling the world. Those two combined create the perfect base for SundayMoods Online Galleries. A platform to share experiences, exhibit artwork, receive feedback to improve and give you the opportunity to order images printed on exclusive high quality materials. Perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants, homes, home-offices and more. Feel free to follow me on social media, ask a question or just say ‘Hi from …’ wherever you are now. Looking forward to hear from you.

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